October 21, 2021 by Jatheon

Jatheon Adds Redaction to Cloud Data Archiving and Ediscovery Software

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA: Jatheon Technologies, a tech company specializing in data archiving and ediscovery has announced the addition of the redaction feature to Jatheon Cloud, their AWS-based cloud archiving solution.

Jatheon’s data archiving software is used by organizations in regulated industries for compliance, lawsuit avoidance, business continuity and long-term retention of electronic records. The new redaction feature will allow Jatheon’s customers to enter the terms for redaction and conceal multiple types of sensitive, personally identifiable and protected health information before records are exported and shared with third parties.

Jatheon has already included other key features that help legal and HR teams to handle ediscovery requests with ease and efficiency. Apart from deep, advanced searches and export to multiple internationally recognized formats, the software contains features such as message integrity verification, activity trail, legal hold tags and cases. The new redaction feature allows certain user roles to specify sensitive information that needs to be concealed prior to production and ensures compliance with data privacy laws such as the GDPR or CCPA.

Marko Dinic, Jatheon’s CEO, stated: “It’s always been our priority to integrate advanced ediscovery capabilities into our archiving software. With the redaction feature, legal teams can redact PII directly in the software, which shortens DSAR, FOIA and ediscovery request response times while staying compliant with all relevant laws that govern the retention of electronic communication records. Built-in redaction automates the process and improves accuracy. It can fully replace manual redaction, which is both time-consuming and prone to errors. I see time saved, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, precision and no need for third party redaction tools as the main benefits. In addition, having integrated redaction instead of using a separate redaction software prevents the security issues associated with sending data to third parties.”

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