June 22, 2023 by Jatheon

Jatheon Technologies Introduces Geofencing Options for Data Archiving

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA: Jatheon Technologies Inc., a tech company specializing in data archiving, search, and ediscovery, is announcing the introduction of geofencing as an additional method of improving data security for organizations in regulated industries.

Geofencing is utilized to establish virtual perimeters around a desired geographic area, such as a country, state, or region. Depending on the country’s specific data localization and data residency requirements, organizations may require that their email archive be stored and processed exclusively within the specified region.

Jatheon’s CEO, Marko Dinic, explains: “We placed a special emphasis on making our cloud solution, Jatheon Cloud, as secure as possible, starting from using AWS as the top-rated cloud infrastructure service provider. Our system is fully scalable, with 22 AWS microservices, fully encrypted data at rest and in transit, and two-factor authentication. In addition to that, Jatheon Cloud is multi-zone redundant and we also provide geofencing options around the world.

Some organizations operate in countries with very strict data localization regulations, so geofencing ensures that their data remains within the designated boundaries, reducing the risk of potential legal and compliance issues.”

To learn more about Jatheon and how it can help your organization streamline data archiving, compliance, and ediscovery, visit https://jatheon.com/products/cloud-email-archiving-solutions/.

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