November 04, 2015 by Bojana Krstic

Making the most of unstructured digital communication data with effective archiving

Making the most of the unstructured digital communication data with effective archiving

There are some very sound arguments for archiving unstructured digital communication data such as emails, social media messages, and web chat logs. The most practical reason to dedicate company time and resources toward implementing an archiving solution is regulatory compliance. There are a number of industries, markets and fields – ranging from the financial industry to health care providers, government departments and agencies and educational institutions – that require organizations to retain some or all digital communications they generate. Another major motivator in terms of saving unstructured data is business productivity. Companies that use the right platform to securely index and store these messages and discussions can access potentially important or necessary information in a quick, reliable fashion, no matter when that data is needed.

“Companies that don’t follow regulatory requirements face fines and sanctions.”

Developing the best possible response to regulatory needs
There’s no way around the many sets of rules enforced by federal and state law, governing bodies for specific industries and other authorities. Companies that don’t follow those rules to the letter face the threat of fines, sanctions and other penalties that cost them precious time and resources. Businesses and organizations need to contend with the changing times as well. Records retention has grown more complicated in the digital age, as there are many different file formats, conversational programs and communication platforms to deal with. What was once a relatively simple – if time-consuming – the process of physically organizing and securing hard copies in filing cabinets is now a digital exercise. While the types of communication currently used and the associated platforms are more complicated than in the past, the digital nature of these systems means the right approach to archiving creates a more secure record and saves organizations time and money.

An effective and complete data archiving solution allows organizations to establish parameters for retaining and storing communication records and then automates the bulk of the process. With an effective archiving platform in place, businesses no longer have to dedicate significant resources to ensuring compliance. While the staff is able to interact with stored communication data as appropriate, they don’t need to spend precious time making sure all records are labeled correctly, secured and stored in the correct location. Our archiving solution offers a strong indexing functionality that consistently names and stores files in the right folders and allows for quick, accurate searching, not only retaining all records but storing them in a way that makes responding to regulatory audits and e-discovery requests a much simpler task.

Boosting organizational knowledge
The same principles that make our archiving solution effective for regulatory concerns also provide an advantage in terms of knowledge and productivity. Easy access to past emails, chat logs, social media posts and other forms of unstructured digital communications means staff can check on established deadlines, share instructions previously provided, refer to past conversations with clients and suppliers and generally locate valuable pieces of information that would otherwise be inaccessible.

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