December 12, 2016 by Bojana Krstic

Email Archiving – Hardware vs Software solutions

Why is email archiving important?

Email is a critical function for most enterprises, in some cases more critical than the phones. Administrators need to be able to ensure that emails can be recovered in the case of data loss on the server or user error, and also may need to be able to respond to discovery requests in case of litigation, or to comply with regulations or industry standards. The cost of not buying an email archiving solution can be much higher than the expense of installing one. Lawsuits may be lost through the inability to comply with discovery requests or government fines may be levied for non compliance with security or privacy standards, in some cases costing millions of dollars.

Appliance or a software solution?

So, if you take email archiving as a must have, the next step is to get the maximum functionality for the minimum cost. There are several aspects to the cost of an email archiving system. First there is the cost of the hardware to run it on. Software-only email archiving solutions still require a server, operating system and storage to function. The cost in administrator time to set up and configure the hardware, plus the hardware itself, is often more than the cost of an appliance. The next cost is the ongoing cost of software maintenance and updates. Finally, there is another hidden cost, the time it takes the administrator to perform the usual functions on the system. The more complex a system is, the more time it will take an administrator to become familiar with the functions, and to be able to fully utilize the features.

Why choose appliance?

Email archiving appliance solutions offer a number of advantages: first, as an appliance, the installation process is much simpler than with software solutions. Second, the streamlined interface of an appliance offers a much simpler experience for the administrator, while still retaining a full feature set and lots of functionality. An appliance computing platform offers a much faster search capability and a significant advantage in price performance with a much lower total cost of ownership over time.

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