Don’t let this happen to you! Data loss horror stories

January 05, 2017 by Jatheon

It is a fact of life that many organizations do not take their data backup as seriously as they should. Computer theft is a huge problem and can wreak chaos onto an organization- especially if they haven’t been keeping their data properly backed up and archived. Not only does it disrupt the flow of business, but the authorities can get involved too if non-compliance with data protection laws is found.

Data loss due to burglary

The extent of data loss due to computer theft can be difficult to measure, as only about 10% of computer theft crime ever gets reported. In our line of business, we have heard it all. From sensitive radioactive data to credit card records, the kinds of data that get lost forever due to theft are varied, but they are all serious data losses.
Take the Radiation Control Bureau in New Mexico, for example. Data was lost from 8 state-owned computers after the facility was broken into and 8 computers were stolen. Without adequate data backup and data archives, this agency would have had serious trouble getting back up and running. In Phoenix in 2002, six different financial institutions were burgled and computer hard drives were specifically targeted for theft. This kind of data is mandated by compliance laws to be securely archived for reference at a future date in the event of a legal summons.

Don’t discount employee data theft

In Palo Alto, a prestigious law firm named Cooley Godward LLP suffered sustained data loss after 200 computers were stolen over a one-year period. Later this turned out to be an employee theft, but the staff was caught out when data contained on these computers was lost.

Size of the business doesn’t matter

For a business, no matter big or small, data backup and data archiving is a vital part of IT protocol. Data archiving doesn’t have to be costly or strenuous to install, and with different options to cater for small data archiving needs to large corporations, Jatheon is here to help.

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