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Fast, Real-Time Capture, Security, Control, Supervision,
Archiving and eDiscovery

We’ll help you govern your communication, comply with regulation and keep you out of the headlines

  • Easy eDiscovery
  • Complete Compliancy
  • Reduce Storage
  • Manage Communication Policy
  • Enable Access
  • Easy Exporting

We Help Ensure Compliancy, Security & Efficiency

Here's Just a Few of Our Features.
  • Smart Archiving

    Comprehensive Indexing & Archiving of Email, Instant Messages and Attachments that Won’t Burden Your Email Server.

  • Powerful Search

    Find Anything Quick and Easy with our Advanced Search Features – Everything is Recorded to Keep You Compliant.

  • Custom Message Monitoring

    Monitor Messages for Malicious or Benevolent Misuse of Communication Policies or Regulatory Compliance and Automate ID of Suspect Content

  • Audit Trail

    Comprehensive Audit Trail of All Activities, Evidence of Reviews and Full Reporting to Keep You Compliant

  • Storage Management

    Our De-duplication, Compression & Other Space Saving Processes Significantly Reduce Server Storage Needs & Costs.

  • Repair Damaged Data

    Self-healing Technology Continuously Repairs Damaged Data Caused By Deterioration of Magnetic Disks.

  • Advanced Reporting

    Advanced Message Reporting, Exporting to PDF/PST, and LDAP and Active Directory Integration.

  • 24/7 Proactive System Support

    24/7 Remote Monitoring Services to Keep Your System Safe, Secure, and Free Up More IT Resources.

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