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Top 5 Blog Posts on Information Archiving in 2017 and Beyond

It’s the beginning of the new year ‒ the time when businesses reflect on the year behind, review their plans for the year ahead, resolve to change things and consider potential investments. Many decision-makers like to use the first slow days of the new year to catch up on things they missed during the busy period behind us. With that it mind, we put together five of our most read and most liked blog posts from the previous year, just in case you missed them the first time around.

1. Are you Prepared for Weather Disasters? The Government Isn’t.

The United States experienced quite a few natural disasters in 2017. The North American heat wave exacerbated wildfires in California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. Then there was the hyperactive and very deadly Atlantic hurricane season featuring 17 storms with multiple category 5 hurricanes. The preliminary total cost of the season is estimated to $370 billion dollars. When we fear for our lives, we rarely think of the technology that we leave behind. In case you’re running a business, the consequences of losing data due to power outages or flooded equipment come to haunt us in the aftermath.

2. Five IT Practices for Email Archiving

Enterprise information archiving is now both best practice and a regulatory necessity for all businesses, regardless of the location and the sector in which they operate. The fact that penalties for improper record-keeping can reach millions of dollars is considered an important contributing factor. Email and social media archiving solutions, be it on-premise or cloud, are widely used technologies that protect your company from potential litigation and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. This blog post examines top five practices that should become protocol in every company.

3. Avoiding Legal Issues: A Data Compliance Checklist

Tackling compliance and eDiscovery issues is no fun, especially if you are a new business owner with little experience in federal, state and industry regulations that apply to your organization. We designed this email and social media compliance checklist to make sure business owners have everything in order so that they can avoid legal issues down the line. Although compliance laws vary from country to country and across industries, the main ideas behind data retention and protection come down to some general points.

4. Facts about eDiscovery and Litigation

In times when 25% of Fortune 500 companies face allegations of sexual harassment and when 85% of US companies are under some kind of litigation, it’s easy to admit that eDiscovery is everywhere. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are under intense regulatory scrutiny since the global economic meltdown and major corporate scandals. This blog post provides an overview of eDiscovery challenges and maps out the benefits of archiving all corporate information for easy retrieval and future reference.

5. Expedite Your Archiving with Retention Policy Management

If your organization has just purchased a new email and social media archiving solution, the first thing you need to do is define and enforce retention policies. This is sometimes difficult as it requires legal input, coordination and a lot of time for planning and execution. This blog post explains what retention policies are, how they make email archiving a smooth and error-proof process and how it can be fully automated using an information archiving solution.

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