The Key to Better Data Protection

April 13, 2016 by Jatheon

Have you ever sat down to enjoy a movie in bed – only to have to search for the 3 remotes you need to control the TV, the DVD player, and the audio? Ugh, a universal remote would be nice. Then, once you’ve spent 15 minutes doing that, you turn the TV on and have to search the PVR, DVD, and Netflix, to find the show you want to watch? It would be awesome to have one location to search to find everything you needed, wouldn’t it?

For most people, it’s the same situation at work. Businesses often have a cluster of solutions for their data archiving and protection – most of which don’t work well together. Without a cohesive solution, the result is a vast amount of single channels containing company data; which is primarily stored on expensive hardware and confusing and competing software. It’s like trying to find the remotes amongst all of the different sheets and blankets in your bed. Not only is it confusing and difficult to retrieve information, but it’s downright slow and archaic. Companies will often avoid requests for eDiscovery and archive retrieval at all costs. The bottom line? Most businesses wish there was a universal remote for protecting, managing, and recovering their data to make it simple and easy to function as a company. A cohesive solution will allow your company to eliminate the many single channels, and instead, create connective channels that support one another.

There is a solution: Jatheon Technologies.

Jatheon is the creator of unstructured data archiving and social media monitoring solutions. We meet a wide range of both functional and compliance requirements across multiple industries and markets. Some of the markets we work with include businesses, government agencies, and other groups and organizations.

Simply put – we help to properly and securely manage, store, index, and access unstructured communication data in a single repository. This communication data is critical for compliance, business productivity, reputation management, and many other needs.

Our services enable companies to conduct language, pattern, or even role specific searches simultaneously across multiple content sources and receive results in seconds. Regardless of the level of complexity of the business, our clients can find the data they are looking for, when they need it so that their digital communications are an asset and not a liability. Jatheon Technologies complete solution offers a combination of software, hardware, support, customization, and service. We are confident that this complete solution solves compliance and productivity problems for businesses, government agencies, and other organizations. There are tasks that must be accomplished on a regular basis as part of the upkeep of a business. Things like ordering product, providing technical support, making sure that the equipment is in working order, generating reports, or meeting with that new client for that important sales opportunity—among other tasks—are vital to a company’s success.

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