How to Stay Ahead of the Tech Curve: Replace Your Appliance Every 4 Years

September 25, 2017 by Jatheon

Last week, we wrote about why on-premise email archiving solutions have the edge over the cloud. We showed that on-site archiving is still the solution of choice for over 75% of businesses. However, hardware solutions are inherently flawed ‒ they can’t last forever.

Choose the right hardware to minimize downtime

In corporate environment, downtime is a big issue. Approximately 90% of organizations have experienced losing access to their critical systems, with consequences ranging from loss of data, lower productivity to extreme drops in revenue. To avoid failure, on-premise email archiving solutions should be built to last ‒ they have to be reliable, robust and powerful and contain server-grade hardware.

Unfortunately, yet understandably, technical equipment fails. And sadly, most customers only think about hardware replacement when it’s too late. To avoid losing your valuable corporate data in case of hardware failure, make sure your archiving appliance is backed up (yes, you need to back it up!). Also, when buying an email archiver in the first place, take the time to explore what kind of technical support and warranty you’ll get from a particular vendor.

How will I know that it’s time to replace my appliance?

It is a general recommendation for businesses to plan end of life for hardware after 4 years. This is largely because, at that point, the maintenance costs will begin to exceed the expenses of getting brand new (improved and evolved) hardware.

Even though enterprise-level hardware can (and often does) last more than five years, you should never take these numbers for granted. The fact that some hardware can last longer doesn’t mean that the support costs won’t escalate after year four. As a matter of fact, they are most likely to increase by as much as 40%. This means that you should replace your email archiver before this increased cost of maintenance and support first kicks in.

The solution

Sounds like a lot to worry about. But there are vendors that solve these problems for you. Look for email archiving companies that provide 24/7 monitoring to ensure worry-free performance. Also, choose vendors that offer full technical support and have a dedicated customer service.

With Jatheon, you get a guarantee that involves hardware maintenance and software updates (hello new features and functionalities!) plus a free-of-charge appliance replacement.

In Jatheon, we believe that replacing a running appliance is better than replacing one that has failed. That’s why every client who has regularly paid the yearly maintenance fee will get a brand new appliance after 4 years. Jatheon offers a 3-year-warranty, both for the appliance and individual hardware components. In addition, in case a disk malfunctions, Jatheon will make sure you get a new one overnight to minimize downtime.

To learn more about Jatheon’s appliance replacement program, schedule a demo today.

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