April 06, 2016 by Jatheon

7 Myths About Email Archiving – Debunked!

  1. Archiving emails will remove them from my inbox.
    The goal of archiving is to free up valuable server space, storing important data, and ensuring quick and easy retrieval. Data archiving encrypts all emails and indexes them with timestamps to ensure that search and retrieval is easy for all employees. The best email data archiving solution will also index attachment text. Email archiving does not remove emails, it simply stores and manages them through other avenues. This increases server speed and decreases the workload on your IT department.
  2. The end-users folders will be changed.
    A proper solution for email archiving will allow employees to maintain their current folders and ensure that all messages are retained in their inbox. Attachment stubbing is a unique feature that will remove old attachments and replace them with a link to the specific attachment (which is being stored in the archive). By replacing the attachments with links, you increase the storage space and speed while decreasing the manpower and server capacity needed to securely store email data.
  3. I definitely cannot afford email archiving!
    Email archiving is often much more attainable financially than most people are aware of. Did you know that on average, the cost for a company to dig up an old email without an archiving solution is approximate $13,000? Ultimately, the costs of an entire email archiving solution are most often less than it would cost to engage in one e-discovery litigation of Freedom of Information Act request.
  4. Continuous backup is the same as an archiving solution.
    Regular manual or PST backups require much more manpower than data archiving. In reality, it is more costly and undoubtedly more time-consuming to manually backup data rather than auto-archiving. Email archiving increases server space and the speed at which you can retrieve emails through intelligent indexing solutions.
  5. I don’t need to archive my emails – I can just delete them.
    Most often, companies are required (by law) to store and maintain their documents for a certain period of time. Even if this isn’t the case for your business – it is wise to invest in email archiving. Email is often the hub of your business records and these may need to be retrieved for purposes such as litigation. Oftentimes, the cost of searching for a specific document or email far outweighs the cost of a simple email archiving solution.
  6. Email archiving still won’t protect me from email risks.
    The most common entryway for a virus into a company’s technology system is through email. Unfortunately, we are constantly being targeted with malware, ransomware, and many other types of viruses. These can infect an entire IT system with the opening of an attachment. Email archiving allows you to monitor incoming emails, as well as retain them and track for potential threats – whether they be incoming or outgoing from your organization.
  7. I’m not legally at risk.
    Legal risks arise often in the professional and personal worlds. It’s sometimes difficult to predict when they will arise thus, having a sound email archiving solution will protect you. A legal issue can irreparably damage a company’s image – in addition, it can also be expensive to retrieve stored files in the event of a trial. Email archiving can help by protecting your data, monitoring for potential issues, and indexing for easy retrieval in the future.

Visit Jatheon for more general information on an email archiving solution that will fit your needs. If your industry has strict, more specific standards – we can help with that too! Remember that the benefits include lightening the load on your servers and IT department (freeing them up for more important tasks!); while simultaneously maintaining the security of your data.

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