by Jatheon

Why Government Organizations Have to Use Email Archiving for Complete Compliance [Whitepaper]

Federal, state and local governments are now obliged to comply with regulations and guidelines for archiving and retaining electronic communication, including email and social media messages. Traditional data retrieval processes are slow, costly and often unreliable, as information can be easily lost or overwritten. Having in mind that most of their business operation is nowadays done via digital channels, it comes as no surprise that governments fear the loss of valuable data as well as the possible repercussions associated with non-compliance.

This whitepaper outlines the issues that governments and government agencies deal with in relation to regulatory compliance, eDiscovery, storage, as well as data transparency, availability and security, and then goes on to demonstrate how email archiving is perfectly suited to cover all the aspects of this multifaceted problem.

What you will learn:

  1. how to face the threats associated with discovery and compliance
  2. how to rein in your data and be in full control of your operations
  3. four clear benefits of email archiving in the government sector

See how data archiving can simplify compliance and ediscovery for your organization

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