March 29, 2023 by Jatheon

Jatheon Technologies Adds Redaction to On-Premise Archiving Solution

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA: Jatheon Technologies Inc., a tech company specializing in data archiving and ediscovery has announced the addition of the redaction feature to their on-premise solution, Jatheon cCore.

The new feature allows users to conceal sensitive, personally identifiable or confidential information before sharing it with third parties or exporting records for FOIA and ediscovery requests. It is designed to give users more control over the information they share, making it easier to protect sensitive data and comply with privacy regulations like CCPA, CIPA, LGPD or GDPR. With this feature, users can redact specific words, phrases and paragraphs from email messages, attachments and social media records, across the entire data sets.

“Protecting sensitive data is crucial for businesses today, and our new redaction feature makes it easier than ever to safeguard confidential and protected information,” said Jatheon CEO Marko Dinic. “Email, text messages and chat apps make up a huge portion of all communications for businesses today, but they can also be a liability if not managed correctly. We’re proud to be at the forefront and have already integrated other advanced ediscovery capabilities into our archiving software. We believe this new feature will be a valuable asset to our customers.”

The redaction feature is available to all users of Jatheon cCore and can be accessed directly from the user interface. In addition, Jatheon cCore offers a range of other features designed to help organizations manage their corporate records securely. These include customizable user access levels, activity trails, and encryption.

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