Worst Practices of Email Archiving and Data Retention: Part 1

February 16, 2017 by Jatheon

Recently, we’ve looked at some things you and your company can do to maintain compliance when it comes to email archiving. It’s really just a matter of implementation, getting your employees up to speed on your chosen applications and policies and then being certain that your staff complies with your policies and procedures. But what about things you do not want to do? Just as there are best practices, there are worst practices as well.

Here are some points to consider when evaluating your email archiving system

  • Do not depend on Exchange Server for compliance – Exchange server isn’t your best option for data archiving compliance. It isn’t an ‘all-inclusive’ option and forces administrators to choose third-party tools, usually one for each type of data to be handled. It isn’t a consolidated approach. Remember: you may want to include things like instant messages as well. Exchange Server is an inadequate solution on its own.
  • Think ahead and ensure upgrades are included– Remember to factor in application and software upgrades when considering your archiving options. For whatever reasons, many administrators fail to do this. Why is it so important? Because data retention is a long-term proposition. Therefore you must know that your software and hardware solutions will always be compatible with one another into the future.
  • Do not allow .pst files to proliferate – As we discussed previously, .pst is personal storage. They’re fairly innocuous files on their own, but they tend rapidly devour storage space. It should part of your enterprise’s data retention policy to ban personal storage through Outlook. It is also relevant to consider that these files are often included in data discovery requests. You want to protect yourself from litigation and noncompliance penalties. Ensuring your company bans personal storage and retains everything on an archiving system is an effective way to cut down on wasted space and potential external threats.

In our next blog post, we will continue looking at a few more practices you want to avoid when it comes to data retention.

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