What Every Good Email Archiving Solution Must Have

May 08, 2017 by Jatheon

The reasons for investing in an email archiving solution are many: self-defense against litigation, compliance with increasingly strict federal laws and industry regulators, and improving employee productivity, to say the least. With industry standards and state legislation becoming tighter every year, organizations should only expect that the management of email is going to become even more important in the coming years. Email archiving and eDiscovery aren’t just applicable to the legal and IT departments anymore. They should be incorporated into an organization-wide culture.

With that in mind, we believe any email archiving solution should meet the following chief requirements.

Must-have Requirements for an Email Archiving Solution

1. Security

An email archiving solution should archive messages in a secure way, with tamper-proof security to ensure it is in compliance with data retention policies.

2. Flexibility

The regulatory requirements for organizations continue to grow. It is vital that the email archiving solution is flexible enough to meet the archiving requirements of today and the changes of the future.

3. Agility and accuracy

eDiscovery risk is high when there are multiple points of failure and processes are not adhered to. So a solution should be able to cope with eDiscovery requests quickly in anticipation of any litigation and be able to prove its accuracy when questions are asked.

4. Enhanced Data Architecture

An email archiving solution should take advantage of technologies that can compress data without jeopardizing the archive’s integrity.

5. Ease of Use

The email archiving solution HAS TO be easy to use so that users outside the IT department can use it. Compliance officer, legal workers, and HR managers should all be able to easily use the system without passing requests through the IT department.

6. Easy Installation

The system should be installed easily and should integrate well with enterprise level email infrastructures, like Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory, and should also support future eDiscovery protocols.

Does your email archiving solution tick all these boxes? If not, Jatheon’s email archiving appliance is the solution for you!

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