Unstructured data archiving offers compliance, performance boosts [Video]

August 05, 2015 by Jatheon

Unstructured data archiving offers compliance, performance boosts

Archiving unstructured data is commonly recognized as a way to strengthen compliance efforts. However, the boost it provides to a company’s performance isn’t always recognized.

Retaining the conversations that occur via chat clients, social media and other sources helps employees remember important pieces of information. With a best-in-class archiving solution, you and your staff can easily search through a high volume of data quickly and efficiently.

[marker} This increased visibility means less time spent trying to recall or otherwise find useful necessary data. More time on actual tasks and less spent searching for info simply means improved productivity. Combined with the many benefits of data archiving related to compliance, it’s easy to see why unstructured data archiving is increasing in popularity.

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