Turn your unstructured data into a business resource [Video]

August 31, 2015 by Jatheon

Turn your unstructured data into a business resource

Unstructured data management is often viewed as a compliance issue. While compliance is a major component of unstructured data‘s continuing value, it’s not the only reason businesses should retain this information.

Much of the information contained in instant messages, emails, social media posts and other forms of digital communication is valuable far beyond the first time it’s shared. Whether it’s recalling a great idea developed during a brainstorming session or determining a client’s preference for a project, archiving unstructured data makes delving into past conversations a simple, result-driven process.

Businesses that archive their unstructured data not only improve their obligations for compliance, they also make valuable operational data more visible and secure. Data archiving is a solution that provides diverse benefits to many companies regardless of size or industry.

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