The Right Email Archiving Appliance Easily Pays Itself Off

May 25, 2017 by Jatheon

When it comes to archiving appliances, it really pays to choose wisely. Businesses that use a powerful email archiving solution are more likely to feel the benefits, including 100% ROI and a more efficient working environment. It is vital to choose wisely from the start. Such choices can be tough, with the plethora of different vendors, hardware, software and hosting solutions to choose from. Should businesses stick with on-premise archiving or risk emerging cloud-based services? Let’s look at the idea of email archiving and some of the options out there.

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What is an Email Archive?

An email archive is a standalone IT application that connects or integrates with company email systems, such as Microsoft Exchange, GroupWise or Lotus. But an email archive doesn’t just accumulate hundreds of thousands of emails over its lifespan. In addition to storing these email messages, the archiving system logs and indexes each file. This allows for efficient eDiscovery requests when email data is needed for legal reasons or when a user is looking for a particular message in their email history. This data is kept securely within the application and is completely tamper-proof.

Why would a company opt in to acquire an email archiving solution? Sometimes there is no other choice. They may want to protect critical data, or meet regulatory compliance requirements and protect themselves from litigation. In addition to these benefits, having a separate email archive alleviates the email server of a huge burden. The global market for archiving is growing, which proves that archiving is more important to companies than ever before.

Email archiving compliance

Choosing to deploy an archiving solution can mean the difference between 100% ROI and a lawsuit. Click To Tweet

Archiving Appliances: On-Premise vs. Cloud

Email archiving on-site can be achieved through virtual machines or standalone appliances, like that of Jatheon. The global market for on-site archiving is approximately 75% compared to a 25% uptake in cloud archiving. Clearly, on-premise archiving is still the solution of choice for most companies. While cloud has a much-touted “easy” reputation, it can be unreliable, and with something as important as an email archive, most businesses are opting to stay on-location with their archive.

At the end of the day, a company’s decision to deploy an archiving solution can mean the difference between 100% ROI or a data loss lawsuit.

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