The Point of Email Archiving and Compliance

January 23, 2017 by Jatheon

Most business owners today are aware of certain responsibilities they have for email archiving under compliance legislation but aren’t sure what the point of compliance is or how to implement it. Simply put, compliance legislation is a set of legal rules governing the protection and preservation of data. This means that data (like email data) should be protected from unauthorized access and also stored for a certain amount of time before it can be disposed of, in case it is required for any kind of legal purposes. In this case, email data needs to be archived in an email archive.

Archiving email protects customers and companies

Remember that the data of most businesses contains not only sensitive information about the business itself but about clients and customers. It is vital that this customer data is kept private, and that is one of the reasons that compliance legislation exists. If an organization decides to sue your business or vice versa, all records must be kept intact and unmodified in case they are required as evidence. Failure to comply with these laws can mean severe penalties and reputational damage.

US Airways uses email archive records in court case

So does compliance actually bear fruit? Take the story of the latest airliner court case. Not so long ago, the union representing US Airways pilots finished up its case in federal court. The court case took place in Charlotte, North Carolina. The case left it up to the judge to decide if he should order the union to stop a work slowdown. The company claimed that the slowdown was illegal.

The pilots union had accused US Airways of trying to intimidate it’s pilots, the point of flying unsafe aircraft. However, the airline was able to produce evidence to show that the pilots were deliberately delaying flights. How did the airline present its case? With the help of it’s email archives, of course. US Airways was able to produce historical emails that proved that anonymous users had been encouraging pilots into the slowdown and emails that actually threatened pilots who didn’t participate. These emails were from anonymous senders.

Thanks to email archiving, the airline is in a strong position to have the court ruling in their favor. That’s how useful email archiving can be.
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