Six Ultimate Features Of Email Archiving

May 29, 2017 by Jatheon

The ideal email archiving solution is easy to use, fully secured, tamper-proof and compliant. This means that it should include eDiscovery capability in the box, too. Most of the people who approach us are not really sure what they’re looking for exactly. That’s why we’ve made a list of ideal features of an email archiving appliance. How many of these do you require?

Six most important features of email archiving


1. Indexing of records and search capabilities

Archived emails should be indexed ‒ both the text and all the attached content. This feature is vital as it facilitates your search, while eDiscovery searches enable a quick extraction of the right records to support legal requests and in-house requests for data.

2. Data retention policy control

The system has to include certain configuration features through which your company can define its archiving criteria. Does your solution allow archiving of specific mailboxes and messages from specific domains and email addresses? When data is archived in this way, spam and other irrelevant data will be excluded from the archive. And who couldn’t benefit from a little less spam?

To keep their integrity, company emails should be archived automatically, without human intervention. Click To Tweet

3. Does somebody archive your email data manually?

To preserve the integrity of company emails, they should be archived automatically, without human intervention. Jatheon’s email archiving solution works in this way, through its “set it and forget it” technology.

4. Tamper-proof email archiving

An email archiving solution should be capable of protecting records from loss, damage or misuse. All records have to be preserved intact, in their original state. Remember that this is one of the key requirements set by compliance regulators.

5. Archive access

Email archives should have a feature that allows a company to use the archive as a knowledge repository so that authorized users can extract messages and data from it when required. The benefit of this feature is that it enables authorized users to carry out their work without the need to consult or bother any IT staff.

6. Support for multiple messaging platforms

The archiving system should support messages from all the major platforms to ensure maximum compatibility.

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