November 28, 2017 by Jatheon

Monitor Your Archiving Hardware and Data 24/7 Without a Premium Payment

When purchasing an email archiver, your primary concern should be for your archiving solution to contain stellar hardware and software. A robust and powerful appliance with server-grade hardware combined with an intuitive yet comprehensive software is the way to go. However, in the quest for the perfect solution, you might get too preoccupied with features, users, terabytes and forget about what comes afterwards.

Here’s a little reminder. The story of email archiving does not end with your purchase. Once you set up and configure your appliance and import your legacy data (if any), thousands of emails will start whizzing to your appliance. After a month, a year, or three years, how do you know that everything is still alright in there?

After you buy an email archiver, how do you know that everything is still alright in there after a year or two? Click To Tweet

Features matter, but the story doesn’t end there

Be wary of archiving companies that are unclear about what kind of technical support and warranty you’ll get once you pay for the appliance. You need a vendor who you can trust and who will provide all the necessary support when things go wrong. Yes, things can go wrong and no matter what kind of experts you have on your IT team, you need to think about potential problems.

Many email archiving services providers charge extra for specific technical support services, and 24/7 Support and Monitoring is one of them. Continuous monitoring matters in email archiving, as instant data availability is key in processes such as eDiscovery or dealing with FOI requests.

Jatheon’s hardware and software are backed by Jatheon Guarantee, a unique maintenance and support package in the industry. Keeping things transparent and avoiding additional and hidden costs were major considerations when we first tailored our guarantee. It was very important for us to offer free hardware maintenance and replacement (instant replacement included) as well as free hardware refresh after four years for a fixed yearly maintenance fee. But what about technical support and appliance monitoring?

24/7 monitoring is vitally important in email archiving, as instant data availability is key. Click To Tweet

24/7/365 with no extra costs

Although there are several mechanisms that ensure your messages can still be archived in case of outage, we believe that no organization should face unplanned downtime. That’s why all Jatheon appliances contain a monitoring program that collects relevant data and sends hardware and software health reports to our central monitoring system every hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In case something goes wrong and the appliance stops sending reports, the system sends out alerts to our dedicated Support Team, who momentarily reach out and typically resolve the issue easily and with no further complications.

To ensure peak performance of your email archiver and a smooth and uninterrupted email archiving process, Jatheon’s remote monitoring system responds to events proactively and eliminates or minimizes damage that hardware failure or data corruption could inflict on your business.

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