Jatheon Education Webinar

September 03, 2015 by Jatheon


Jatheon Education Webinar

Advances in digital technology have drastically altered the way people communicate with one another, and that change is likely most visible among school-age children and young adults. Students from middle school through advanced university degree programs are almost all social media natives, growing up with platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and many others. They’re extremely comfortable using these networks through a variety of hardware types, be they mobile devices or more traditional laptop and desktop computers. Additionally, many staff members use social media, both for official school business and for their own personal lives. Nearly all of a school’s students and staff also use instant messaging and Web searches, adding another dimension to communications.

What does this mean for educators? Policies related to cyberbullying, discussion of risky behavior online and other potentially harmful acts on the part of students that were written just 5 or 10 years ago have to be updated to include social media posts and interactions. The solutions used to monitor student activities while on school time or present on campus also must change and improve with the times.

A firewall is no longer a complete solution
Firewalls play an important role in managing student and employee behavior on school networks, but they’re no longer an effective end-to-end solution. They’re great at blocking IP addresses, ports, and protocols, but they simply don’t provide that crucial visibility into the actions taken by students, including both the actual written content and the context in which it was posted.

Our solution, which combines unstructured data archiving and active social media and Internet monitoring, offers unparalleled insight into the actual text messages posted. This, in turn, informs educators and administrators about the nuances of potentially troublesome communications, revealing issues that would likely never be noticed with a firewall-only approach.

The advantages of monitoring
We’ve grouped the advantages offered by our cCore CTRL monitoring and archiving platform into nine major categories. We’ll provide a rundown of each here, but the recorded webinar expands on each issue and explains why they’re all needed for an effective, complete solution.

  • Protect: CTRL performs active scanning of digital communications for links to malicious and inappropriate websites.
  • Capture: Our solution captures relevant content posted both on and off an educational institution’s own network.
  • Detect: Accurate identification and blocking of social accounts used on the network to impersonate other users.
  • Security: Granular controls and strong authentication access allow each organization to find the necessary balance between security, privacy and relevant laws and regulations.
  • Manage: Policy enforcement based on individualized rules help prevent cyberbullying, discrimination and other major issues, as well as risky behaviors.
  • Alerts: Our responsive system notifies users when the content they attempt to post violates school policy.
  • Report: System administrators also receive alerts when a user attempts to post inappropriate content.
  • Archive: Data is immediately stored in its native format, a valuable function that provides strong evidential support if needed.
  • Search: The archived information is indexed and sorted, which makes finding the necessary data a matter of seconds instead of minutes or hours.

Ready to learn more?
Our webinar includes both high-level overviews and in-depth discussions of the current realities of student and staff communication, as well as the tools needed for school leaders to properly enforce both policy and relevant laws. Gain a complete picture of the situation by clicking the play button above.

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