Advantages of Email Archiving for the Education Sector

May 30, 2017 by Jatheon

In the majority of sectors today, it is necessary to adhere to email archiving compliance legislation, and education is no exception. The amount of data that needs to be managed is increasing due to the rising number of students at universities, colleges, and K12 schools. Today in our blog series, we explore how email archiving can help educators in legal situations.

Email Archiving Can Help Reduce Legal Costs

According to research, schools are quite aware of the potential for legal issues to arise. A recent Harris Poll found that 65% of K12 school principals fear that their decisions might be legally challenged. Nearly the same percentage (55%) think the threat of legal challenges is on the rise.

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An increase in legal costs would be crippling for a lot of school districts, as schools already foot huge legal bills. For instance, the Los Angeles Unified School District alone spent over $183 million on lawsuits over a four-year period. An email archiving solution won’t solve this problem, but it could definitely reduce that legal bill.

Easier eDiscovery for Schools Thanks to Email Archiving

Email has become a common and important way of recording information in most businesses today. When it comes to schools, internal communication is mostly conducted via email, and so is communication with parents and students. Email archiving ensures these records are safe and accessible.

Access is the key issue here. Within the discovery process, there is a responsibility for both parties to disclose electronic information early in the proceedings. Email archiving allows quick and easy access to email records, which can facilitate communication between parties.

In modern legal cases, email evidence can be vital. With archiving, lawsuits are easier to deal with. Click To Tweet

Responsibility for early disclosure isn’t the only requirement when it comes to email records. Another key requirement is the form email evidence takes. It is vital that email evidence is provided in its original form since any change raises the potential for accusations of evidence tampering. Email archiving prevents this by safely storing the original message or thread, which can then be located and retrieved quickly and easily.

The reality is that schools are under threat of legal action due to the unique nature of their industry. In modern legal cases, email evidence can be vital. With email archiving, lawsuits are undoubtedly easier to deal with.

If you work in the education sector, it is the perfect time to explore email archiving solutions and opt for one which can protect your institution just in time for the new school year. For more info on email archiving, download our whitepaper “Why You Have to Use Archiving for Complete Compliance” by clicking the image below.

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