eDiscovery: Your IT Department can handle it

January 12, 2017 by Jatheon

Electronic discovery, better known as eDiscovery, is the process in which any electronic data is sought out, located and searched with the intent of using it in a court case as evidence. eDiscovery is often carried out on a company network or on data archives. While complying with eDiscovery may seem like excessive work, it is a legal obligation to keep data archives of all sensitive data.

More work for the IT department

After some years of little to no involvement with eDiscovery, the IT department is now becoming responsible for data management in many organizations. This is because digital data is growing so fast and IT staff tend to be the best equipped to deal with it. Data growth is exponential in both the private and public sectors. It is now a major challenge to manage data storage and archiving across a company network, especially because data storage mediums have evolved and remnants of old technologies can be found mixed in with new technologies. How many organizations have you encountered that are still using disk and tape data backup and archives?

Needed for achieving compliance

eDiscovery adds a whole new level to the complex management of data. The challenge with eDiscovery is that all fast-growing data archives must be eDiscovery ready for compliance, and the IT department needs control of this data for data restoration purposes and cost-effective storage management.

Easily done with available solutions

Understandably, IT departments have been loathed to take on these responsibilities as the combination of data stores and compliance duties can equal one big mess. But there is no way to avoid it anymore. The fines and court action associated with poor eDiscovery are too hefty to ignore.

The good news is that there are solutions available to ensure coherent data backup and data archiving for eDiscovery. All-in-one appliances are easy to install onto a network and really take the workload off the IT department in the process.

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