Caution: Do not ignore eDiscovery

January 19, 2017 by Jatheon

According to new reports, sanctions for neglecting email archiving are significantly on the rise. The truth is that organizations cannot get away with neglecting their email archiving responsibilities and withholding full eDiscovery compliance.

Huge rise in eDiscovery sanctions

The hits just keep on coming when it comes to court-imposed sanctions on eDiscovery failures. According to a recent study that was published by the Duke Law Journal, there has been a huge rise in sanctions for eDiscovery violations. In fact, there are now more sanctions than ever.

At Duke, the study was based on a review of 230 sanctions awards in 401 different federal cases. Motions and awards have been increasing steadily since 2004. The so-called “get out of jail free” card of the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure has traditionally provided some amount of cover for attorneys and parties. Is this rise in sanctions due to eDiscovery becoming a more complex beast or is it an increase in organizational flippancy? We believe that some organizations may be becoming flippant about their eDiscovery policies but also eDiscovery has become somewhat more complicated due to the increase in email usage.

Reduce risk by using an email archive solution

As email use rises in businesses, the confidential data communicated in emails becomes more at risk. It is now vital that businesses treat their email data the same as their regular data for archiving purposes and eDiscovery. This is because corporate email is classified as a form of record. So corporate email demands its own email archiving solution.

The way to prevent court sanctions for eDiscovery is to get email archiving under control. This isn’t as hard as one might think. Jatheon’s email archiving solution provides simple email archiving, compliance and eDiscovery all in one appliance.

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