December 19, 2016 by Jatheon

Additional benefits of Email Archiving

We already know that email archiving is a necessary activity for organizations that wish to have full compliance and avoid legal fines and penalties. Data protection laws and freedom of information acts mandate keeping records and archives of all email communications in an organization. Many organizations have already felt the burn of the courts when they could not produce the appropriate email records. Is that the only reason to carry out email archiving and invest in an email archiving solution? Absolutely not! There are bountiful benefits associated with taking on an email archiving solution.

Improved network performance

Research has shown that network performance is greatly improved when opting for an email archiving solution on a dedicated appliance. When old mail is not being kept on the server, performance and speed increases because your communication channels aren’t being clogged up.

Negation of risks

One of the most popular drivers for email archiving is improved risk management. Having all email archived in the same location means a “paper trail” can be followed when legal proceedings arise, or disputes make an appearance. When personal devices are being used to store email, risks appear in the form of loss and theft and these are negated when using a central archiving solution. Likewise, with most employees there can be a temptation to use corporate email inappropriately – knowing that all email is archived permanently usually acts as a deterrent.

Productivity and continuity

Employee productivity and business continuity are two major benefactors from a centralized email archiving solution. When email is archived centrally, the searchable nature of an email archiving solution saves a lot of time and improves knowledge management by providing lightning fast access to the organization’s database. Likewise, continuity for the business is guaranteed when email is automatically archived, even when systems crash or employees quit.

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